Why the Australian, A League is the Fastest Growing Soccer League

When we talk about football leagues, what always comes in our mind are the European Leagues such as the English Football Leagues, La Liga Espanya and the French League. These leagues are the sought-after and most participated leagues by the football superstars, to name a few; Zenadine Zedane, Ronaldo, David Beckham, Ronaldhino, and Kak. These leagues have been the performing stage for most football players who are aspiring to be in line with those football superstars. However, when discussing on New Zealand and Australian Leagues, our answers would always be a puzzled look for further details Click Here.

The upshot of Australian leagues to the football fans across the world is way too different compared to the European Football and American Soccer Leagues, which are usually graced by international football superstars on bet on soccer. The Australian Leagues are composed of New Zealand and Australian Leagues. It is the top Australian professional football league. It is the Football Federation Australia (FFA), an Australian governing body, which runs the leagues.

The Australian Leagues started in 2004 when the National Soccer League was dissolved. The inaugural season took place in the year 2005 – 2006 and was being sponsored by Hyundai Motor Company – Australia. The league is composed of eleven competing teams; ten teams from Australia and one from New Zealand.

Like any other leagues, Australian League also stages its pre-season competition every August as prerequisite of the regular season and has a segment of bet on soccer. The regular season usually starts August up to February. At the completion of the season, each team is being ranked from one to ten. The teams that belong to the top six will proceed to the final series. The position of each team is being determined by the highest number of points accrued during the regular season. On the other hand, if there will be two or more teams shared the same spot based on the accruals of points, special criteria will be applied to determine the team that will be on the higher rank so to be included in final top six teams.