What is a Breather Hose?

Breather hoses allow for internal combustion engines to vent crankcase pressure out of their engines.  Despite its given name breather hoses are in fact vent pipes which vent pressure out of crankcases, providing better compression whilst promoting less oil consumption and creating more horsepower.

Breather hose pipes are in many cases connected to valve covers – often recognised as the location to pour oil into the engine – something that we have all done. Breather pipes in many cases also incorporate paper filters which are specially designed to catch any oil blow-by. A lot of higher performance engines incorporate dual pipe configurations. 

When crankshafts and pistons rotate within an engine block an immense amount of air is pushed into the engine. Not only this, but air can tend to escape too.  Breather hoses are needed an are definitely worth investing in in the majority of cases.

Whilst these specialist pipes can work well for the average, run-of-the-mill family car, racing drivers should ensure that they add extra venting and air pumps to pull air out of the crankcase to their racing engines. Why is this? This is because vacuum pumps typically draw out more air than can be vented through the hose or pipe. Do this and you can create a racing engine which is incredibly sound running and receive peace of mind knowing that you do not have to worry about rising sealing or oil leaking into combustion chambers.

As you may or may not already know when an engine suffers a clogged or stuffed-up breathing pipe, engines are known to overheat and will often begin to misfire – something in which want to be avoided completely.  Oil consumption increases when this happens and also engines have less power.  Replacing your breather hose when needed can stop much worse problems from occurring such as blown head gaskets and more!

It is vital that all drivers, especially those in the racing field take part in regular breather maintenance in order to avoid major engine catastrophes. If anyone has any further tips and advice regarding these hoses or any other car hoses we urge you to share them with all. It is all about making people aware and providing free advice.