Important tips that you must know while buying pickle ball net

Gaming is something that you can enjoy throughout your life as it does not have any adverse effect. They are beneficial for your health as with regular playing your body remains active, fit and you get enough energy that you can do all the work. There are number of sports game which you can opt but if you are looking for one that is full with excitement then pickle ball can be your first choice. This is a racquet game which is played with wooden paddles. In this you need to hit polymer ball and in order that each player gets their own space a net is hung in the court.

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Importance of pickle ball net

Net is very important in this game so that both the player should remain in their allotted area and play within that specified boundary. It helps in partitioning the court in equal area and it is hung at 36inches in end. According, to the pickle ball federation it is important that it should match with the given standard and if found wrong then it will not be used in match.

Important tips to consider while buying net

So, it is necessary that while buying it you must consider some important things as this will help you in getting the most effective and appropriate net. Following are some of the tips that you can consider:

  • Height and width are the two important elements which you must consider in them. Make sure that the height of its sidelines must be 36 inches while it center height must be 34 inches.  
  • Before buying cross check the size of the court because it will highly affect the size of the net. So, in it necessary that before finalizing anything you must measure the height of the net and assure that it is according to the court.
  • You should pay attention towards its line, it should be 2inches wide and they should be of same color contrasting with the color of surface.