Health Benefits of Physical Activity and Sports

 The health benefits of sports and physical activity extend far beyond weight management. Research has proven that regular physical activity and involvement in sport can help to reduce the risk of several diseases and health conditions, improving overall quality of life. Since this research became public, more and more people have been striving to involve themselves in at least one sport or some kind of physical activity, with many companies available to provide people with fun ways of keeping fit. Takes sports tours for example… Sports tours provide people with a way to enjoy sports and stay healthy while travelling to other countries. (More information on sports tours can be found here:

But what are the health problems that keeping active can help you prevent? Keep reading to find out…

Heart disease and stroke: Daily physical activity can help prevent heart diseases and stroke. This is because physical activity strengthens the heart muscle, lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol whilst raising good cholesterol. Keeping active improves blood flow and ensures that the heart is working well.

High blood pressure: Regular physical activity can be good for those with high blood pressure levels as it can assist in reducing blood pressure. Being active also reduces body fat – something in which is widely associated with high blood pressure.

Noninsulin-dependent diabetes: Because physical activity can help to reduce body fat, it can also aid in the prevention of this type of diabetes. Not only this, but it can also aid in controlling this type of diabetes for those who already have it.

Obesity: Physical activity reduces body fat by building and preserving muscle mass and enhancing the body’s ability to use calories. Physical activity combined with proper nutrition and a healthy diet can both control and prevent obesity. Obesity is a major risk factor for many diseases so it’s vital that you attempt to stay in shape.

Back pain: Physical activity can prevent and reduce back pain. This is because it increases muscle strength and endurance and improves posture and flexibility.

Osteoporosis: It is important for people of all ages to stay active, and it’s never too late to start participating in physical activity either. Regular weight-bearing exercise promotes bone formation and can prevent many forms of bone loss – especially those associated with aging.

These are only some of the benefits of staying active too. Remember, physical activity doesn’t have to be boring, and you don’t even have to go to the gym. See what sporting activities are available in your area, or even go outside and go on a walk. All exercise, no matter how strenuous on un-strenuous it may be, is better than none at all.