Gilda Garza’s Masterpiece Is The Best Tribute To The Basketball Association


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about basketball? Yes, the enthusiastic players running towards the basket with the basketball in their hands. No other sport can give the thrill and excitement as basketball.

The Gilda Garza Rendition

One of the most surprising events that took the social media by a storm is the latest rendition of the Mexican Painter Gilda Garza. And what about it is so special? The rendition is a giant basketball shoe!!

Now, you must be wondering why such a unique rendition? Well, to enlighten you further, this masterpiece was created as a tribute to the Phoenix Suns, the basketball representative team of Arizona. And in a grand event of the NBA’s 50th Anniversary, this amazing masterpiece was unveiled entertained the guests that had arrived at the event.

People cannot stop talking about it. It is all over the news and people are mesmerized by the amazing artwork that the painter presented to the players of the National Basketball Association.

The Sole Of The Phoenix

This amazing masterpiece has become an internet sensation since its unveiling at the gala event. Everybody is all praises about the artwork of the talented artist. The majestic shoe, also known by the name ‘The Sole Of Phoenix’ which is dubbed as ‘Love Without Border’ has beautiful shades of gold and orange to address the beauty of the upper part of the sculpture. There is a hint of black which appears on the soles and the laces of the shoe. With such bold strokes of colour and finery of art, this piece certainly was the talk of the event. And not just that. The painter also went on to use the amazing paint-dripping technique to make it look as if the gold paint dripped towards the black soles.

The dedicated painter even painted two of the cheerleaders from the Phoenix Suns teams dressed in the outfit and reaching for the flags of America and Mexico on either sides. With this masterpiece in her hand, Gilda Garza has become one of the top names in the world of sculptures.