Best Car Features for Road Trips

What makes a car good or miserable to take on a road trip? You and your family could be dreading the long trip to your vacation spot or to a relative’s house, or you could be happy to jump into your ride. A few main things will make that difference for you:

  1. USB Ports

Cars like the 2017 Toyota Highlander have as many as four USB ports standard in the back seats, with more available in upgraded versions. This means that anyone sitting in the back can use as many electronic devices as they want without worrying about the power running out. Young kids can really benefit from more USB ports, since you may be able to play movies and games to keep them busy for the whole ride.

  1. Leg Room

Sedans and smaller cars may not give riders enough comfort for a long trip. SUVs are not all equal in this realm either, though they often offer a better mix of comfort and fuel economy than other types of cars. Having leg room to stretch out a bit makes a huge difference for everyone on a long trip.

  1. Trunk Space

A lot of luggage needs a lot of space. Short trips may be okay with just a few bags, but if you’re going anywhere a bit further away you may need to pack more than you think. Without enough trunk space, you’ll have a bit of trouble comfortably fitting your family and all their bags. No one wants to ride with a suitcase on their lap!

  1. Smooth Suspension

Bumps, potholes, and generally rough roads take a toll on your body as you’re traveling. Good suspension helps to make these things feel like nothing.

  1. Great Sound System

You may think this isn’t too important, but music helps the time go by faster on your trip. A good sound system can mean the difference between jamming out and enjoying yourselves or getting bored within the first hour of the trip. Newer SUVs are hit or miss with the sound system, but you can find a few fantastic sound systems that come standard in some models.

Road trips don’t have to be miserable affairs. Get yourself the right ride ahead of time if you know you’re going to be doing a bit of road-tripping in your future.