Bernie Brewer Story – Inspired By A Real Life Milwaukee Brewers Super Fan

The Milwaukee Brewers is one of the most well -loved professional basement teams belonging to the state of Wisconsin in the USA. It has ardent fans not only across the nation but the world as well. When it comes to its fan base, there are some fans that not only watch the game and keep track about the latest updates of the team but they also love to share interesting facts about the team’s history and mascots. Sandy Petrocelli is an ardent fan of The Milwaukee Brewers and when it comes to its lovable mascot Bernie Brewer, he says that he is actually inspired by a real life- fan of the team!

Who was the real Bernie Brewer?

Bernie Brewer is colorful and vibrant. Fans of the Milwaukee Brewers look forward to his presence on the field. He has bright yellow hair and is dressed in a suit exactly like a cartoon character. In the year 1970, The Milwaukee Brewers was not at all popular as a new NBA team and people hardly came to watch their matches. Their games were played at The Milwaukee County Stadium and rarely a few turned up. However, there was a super fan of this team who regularly came to watch their games. His idea of bringing in more people to their matches clicked and he became the inspiration for the present-day mascot of The Milwaukee Brewers- Bernie Brewer.

An introduction to Milt Mason

The name of this super fan was Milt Mason. He at the age of 69 years climbed to the top of the scoreboard and sat there with a goal to attract a home crowd of 4000 fans. He sat on the top of this scoreboard for 40 days. He was successful on August the 16th, he managed to attract a Bat Day Crowd of 44,387 people. He later descended from the trailer after The Milwaukee Brewers won a match against The Indians. He made a dramatic slide down the perch rope and he sustained burns on his limbs. He died in 1973 after being ill for a long time on June 12th 1973 but not before he formally became identified and loved as the original Bernie Brewer of the Milwaukee Brewers.

The official mascot of The Milwaukee Brewers made his first appearance in 1973 as a major tribute to Milt Mason. He was a happy man with a huge moustache. Around 1980 or so, he got his own chalet that was shaped like a beer barrel. He used to slide down into a special beer bug as a celebration gesture after The Milwaukee Brewers won a home match. He appeared at all the matches of the team till 1984. Sandy Petrocelli says that he was sent into retirement however he later had to be brought back due to public demand. He came back with an improved look. He became a full-bodied man with a large foam head. He also received a new chalet. The old chalet of Bernie Brewer still exists. It is at The Lakefront Brewery and people are allowed to see it when they take a local tour of this brewery.